Apples are a powerful dietary anti-tumor agent

Yes, an apple a day keeps the tumors away, so says a recent study.  [Daily Mail UK Sept 28, 2016; Public Health Nutrition Oct 2016]  And the health benefits of apples don’t stop there.  Apple peel provide indigestible components in the upper digestive tract that reach the large intestine intact and are then converted by gut bacteria to active compounds that reduce risk for chronic diseases.  [Nutrients May 2015] Apple extracts have been demonstrated to promote endogenous stem cell regeneration. [Nutrition Research Sept 2016] Apple peel polyphenols are therapeutic for inflammatory bowel disease. [Clinical Science Sept 14, 2016]  Apple pectin, available as a dietary supplement, produces a profound healthy effect upon obese lab rats. [Biomedical Pharmacotherapy Aug 23, 2016]  Apple peel powder has been shown to improve joint function in a human study. [Journal Medicinal Food Nov 2014]

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