And you thought diet Coke was healthier

There is nothing healthy about soda pop, even the diet versions.  Calorie-free drinks create more hunger, adversely alter gut bacteria and double the risk for diabetes.  Those are the conclusions of a recently published study.  [Daily Mail UK Oct 20, 2016; European Journal Endocrinology Oct 2016]  This is not news.  This was known since 1997. [International Journal Obesity Related Metabolic Disorders Jan 1997]

Substitution of soft drinks with artificial sweeteners in lieu of sugar-sweetened drinks may not yield originally intended health benefits. [International Journal Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Oct 2015]

And the problems associated with soda pop consumption don’t stop there.  Another recent study reveals young adults who frequently consume soft drinks are three times more likely to have arthritis at age 20-30.  [Nutrition Diabetes March 2016]

A major medical journal has published a landmark report entitled: “Reducing intake of sugar-sweetened beverages is vital to improving our nation’s health.” [Circulation Jan 2016]

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