About your blood brain barrier and “brain fog”

The blood-brain barrier is getting attention now that it has been revealed that bacteria and viruses enter the brain in old age and induce inflammation that results in mental decline.  But no one really needs to wait for old age for their blood brain barrier to become permeable to allow inflammatory molecules and germs to enter brain tissue.  Just binge on sugar for 5 days.

Back in 2009 a study was published showing that high blood sugar levels increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier while antioxidants like vitamin C, both supplemental and mimics of natural internal enzymatic antioxidants (catalase, superoxide dismutase) reversed the problem.  Molecules like resveratrol activate internal antioxidants.  [Diabetes Obesity Metabolism May 2009]

Also in 2009 a research study showed high blood levels of vitamin C were demonstrated in human subjects to help maintain the blood brain barrier.  [Journal Alzheimer’s Diseases 2009]

Once viruses enter the brain they may be there for life.  Viruses remain dormant, hidden away from the reach of the immune system.  When the immune system declines, viruses can erupt and begin to replicate.  The herpes virus is the most commonly found virus.  Dormant herpes is known to erupt with consumption of arginine-rich chocolate or nuts. Herpes can induce inflammation in the brain (encephalitis) that results in mental confusion. [Healthline 2015]  Carriers of the herpes virus double their risk for Alzheimer’s disease. [Cleveland Clinic]

Eruption of viruses in the brain induces the immune system to vigorously respond in the arrival of microglial cells, which are a component of the immune system.  Thymus cells (T-cells) keep the microglia in check.  T-cells inhibit brain plaque (beta amyloid) formulation.  However, an Alzheimer’s disease vaccine that targeted beta amyloid over activated T-cells and produced severe side effects.

There is a specific type of T-cell, called a regulatory T-cell that control the production of beta amyloid plaque.  Depletion of regulatory T-cells induces mental deficits in lab animals even without production of beta amyloid. [Brain April 2016]  Regulatory T-cells normalize the immune response in the brain. [Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews. Systems Biology and Medicine March 2013]

Zinc is critical to invigorate the thymus gland that produces regulatory T-cells.  Zinc actually suppresses the immune response (arrival of microglia) at the site of inflammation via regulatory T-cell activation. [European Journal Nutrition Nov 2015; Dissertation 2013]

Quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc are effective in the treatment of herpes cold sores.  [Journal Medical Virology 1985; Clinical Experimental Rheumatology 2011; Metal Based Drugs 2000]  Garlic is a potent remedy for viral infections. [Planta Medica 1992]

Topical application of Zygone usually induces rapid remission of herpes cold sores.

And you are told antioxidant supplements are worthless by your doctor.  What do doctors know anyway?

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