A little bit of radiation exposure is actually healthful

Maybe health authorities will grapple with this topic and finally do something to correct an error of enormous proportion.  The error was determination of the amount of radiation it takes to cause harm and then extrapolate from that to guesstimate a little bit of radiation raises risk proportionately.  It does not.

What is not taken into consideration is that mild biological threats such as low-dose radiation, heat, food deprivation, activate internal defenses in the human body to produce enzymatic antioxidants (glutathione, catalase, superoxide dismutase, heme oxygenase), which is far more powerful antioxidant power than many mouths full of antioxidant pills.

In 2003 it was discovered that a gene transcription factor called Nrf2 controls the activation of these endogenous antioxidants, which is reactive upon exposure to mild biological stress.  Therefore, a little bit of radiation may actually be protective via activation of internal enzymatic antioxidants.

So now a petition has been submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to raise the safe amount of radiation from none to 5000 millirems/year (a measure of radiation), the current limit for nuclear-industry workers.  [Wall Street Journal Aug 12, 2016]

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