A Game Changer In The Treatment Of Dry Eye

Here comes Big Pharma again, unveiling a drug for the agonizing problem of dry eye.  “The first FDA approved medication for the treatment of dry eye.”  The drug is called Xiidra (Lifitegrast). [MedScape]

Dry eye disease affects roughly 5% of adults aged 30 to 40 years and 10% to 15% of those older than 65 years. It is more common in women.

A human clinical study of Xiidra (Lifitegrast) only produced mixed results after 12 weeks of use. The drug’s sponsor resubmitted data to gain FDA approval.  [Review of Optometry]

A review of the four studies using Xiidra are summarized here. [What Is Dry Eye]

The drug company making Xiidra expects to make $1 billion a year selling it.  [Fierce Biotech]

The tear glands that secrete oil to coat the front surface of your eyes and inhibit the evaporation of your watery tear film require oils from your diet.  In particular, GLA oil (gamma-linolenic acid), from evening primrose, black currant seed or borage, are widely available as dietary supplements and are taken orally (not instilled into the eyes. [Review Optometry; Investigative Ophthalmology Dec 2005]

Additionally vitamin A is an essential nutrient present naturally in tear film of healthy eyes. Vitamin A plays an important role in production of the mucin layer, the innermost lubricating layer of tear film.  Vitamin A deficiency leads to loss of mucin.  Oral vitamin A works for the eyes.  This author developed two eye infections, the first in his lifetime, while taking oral vitamin D that competes vitamin A for storage in the liver.  Probably best to take vitamin D with vitamin A.

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