$100,000-a-year cancer drugs have little effect on life expectancy

As pharmaceutical companies plunder pools of insurance funds in the futile treatment of cancer, pressure has come to bear to fast-track approval of drugs that marginally improve survival.  A major review of new cancer drugs between 2002 and 2014 shows 48 treatments extended life by an average of just two months.

Global sales of cancer drugs were $85 billion last year.  There is admission that chemotherapy drugs are only effective for 10% of cancer patients.  Are the patients informed of any of this?  One study reveals 75% of cancer patients believed their lung and colon cancer were likely to be cured with chemotherapy.  “Yet a cure in these situation is virtually unknown.”  Patients rarely question their doctors about the effectiveness of cancer drugs.  There is a call for cancer patients to be fully informed in consent forms of these facts.  [Daily Mail UK Nov 9, 2016; British Medical Journal Nov 9, 2016]  Prediction: helpless cancer patients will still demand access to these drugs regardless.

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